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        2. TG 500 Product Family

          Wireless system for smaller stage performances
          • Five different Sets
          • Single receiver and dual receiver
          • Almost worldwide license free usable 
          TG 500 Product Family
          TG 500DR 518-548 MHz   + $619.00

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          TG 500 sets

          While the vocal set with the dynamic TG V50 handheld transmitter is ideally suited for singing, the vocal set with the TG V56 condenser handheld transmitter offers an ideal solution for presentations. An unobtrusive positioning of the microphone in lectures makes the TG L58 lavalier microphone in the presenter set possible. The perfect companion for theater productions is the headworn set with the TG H34 headset microphone. The instrument set with included WA-CGI instrumental cable is ideal for professional miking of guitar and bass. With the included rack mount kit, the 9.5” single receiver can be easily installed in a rack and also offers the possibility to mount 2 receivers in one rack unit. For all users who want to use multiple channels, a dual receiver with integrated antenna splitter is available.???????

          120 m range

          With a range of up to 120 meters, TG 500 offers much more
          ???????freedom than similar systems.

          10 h battery operation

          With a battery operation of 10 hours there is no need for concern
          ???????regarding extensive encores or longer events.

          Catalog TG 500

          System Design TG 500

          System Overview TG 500


          Info Materials

          PLA_WirelessEducation_19-03_A4_EN.pdf (754.74 KB)


          MAN_TG500_EN_A4.pdf (2.80 MB)

          Quick Start Guide

          MAN_TG500-QSG_DE-EN-FR-ES-AR_A4.pdf (2.58 MB)

          System Overview

          PLA_TG500_19-03_EN_System-Overview.pdf (1.18 MB)

          System Design

          PLA_TG500_19-03_EN_System-Design.pdf (1.55 MB)

          EU Declaration of Conformity

          DEC_TG500_EN_EU.pdf (214.95 KB)

          More Downloads

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