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        2. We want you to be completely satisfied with your order and our products. Thanks to our 30-day return guarantee you are in no hurry. Please note that these instructions are provided to simplify the cancellation process. The instructions and the cancellation form contained therein are merely samples and thus not mandatory. You will find the options for exercising your right of cancellation and further information in our terms for returning goods.
          We will not bear the costs incurred for returning the goods.

          1.) Filling in the form

          In case you want to return an item, please fill in the cancellation form with the required information.

          Cancellation form

          2.) Printing out

          After submitting the form of cancellation/withdrawal you will receive an automatically generated e-Mail. Please print the e-Mail and enclose it to the package to be shipped.

          3.) Packaging

          Items must be returned with all original packaging together with the printed form of cancellation/withdrawal in one shipping carton.

          4.) Shipping

          Please address the shipping carton to:

          56 Central Ave
          Farmingdale NY 11735

          Please pay attention that the mailing label which has been used for sending the items to you is not visible anymore.

          5.) Refund

          You will receive your refund within four weeks after posting your package for shipment. In many cases, the refunds will be processed faster.