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        2. Headphones & Headsets

          & Head

          1. Application Gaming
          1. beyerdynamic MMX 300 -Premium gaming headset (2nd generation) - beyerdynamic
            Premium Gaming Headset, closed (2nd Generation)
          2. beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO - Closed studio headphones - beyerdynamic
            Reference headphones for control and monitoring purpose (closed)
          3. beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO - Open studio monitoring headphones - beyerdynamic
            Studio headphones for mixing and mastering (open)
          4. beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game - Stereo gaming headset - beyerdynamic
            Stereo gaming headset (closed)
          5. CUSTOM Headset Gear
            Headset Extension (2. Generation)
          6. Cable with Microphone and Remote for CUSTOM headphones
            Detachable cable with microphone and one-button-remote control
          7. Coiled Cable
            Professional coiled cable for CUSTOM Series

          7 Items